Artistic Credits

It is with warm regard and sincere appreciation that we acknowledge the support of Thomas Locker by way of his painting depicted on the home page and comprising the theme used throughout this website. Aside from the striking beauty of the moonlit night sky, the lonely “ugly duckling” is an apt metaphor for the experience of insomnia.

If there is one artist in America today who can inspire primal stirrings and connect humans with nature, it is the painter whose contribution to this website we are so proud to acknowledge, Thomas Locker.

March 9, 2012
Today, as reported in The Daily Mail, the world “lost one of its most eloquent voices for art, nature and history with the passing of artist Thomas Locker, but the power and strength of his legacy will continue to influence the 21st century inheritors of the Hudson River School of Painting.”   We are both profoundly saddened at his death and grateful for his life and his life’s work that will continue to nurture those of us touched by his paintings.

To view more works by Thomas Locker, please visit the following galleries: