Links & Resources

  • Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia –
    Training in CBT-I from Michael Perlis, PhD, Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, UPenn School of Medicine.  Dr. Madden personally recommends this 3-day training having attended it himself in 2009 at UPenn Continuing Medical Education and will suggest readings prior to for anyone interested.
  • The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills
    Revelations about sleep meds, benzos and big pharma from a pioneer in sleep medicine and proponent of chronotherapeutics.
  • Center for Environmental Therapeutics
    Professional resources include an informative NY Times article on Chronotherapy–a must for all therapists.  Public resources feature online depression and chronotype questionnaires, the later revealing your natural sleep schedule and time of melatonin onset.
  • National Sleep Foundation
    Sleep research abstracts, national poll results, and consumer information about insomnia, CBT-I, disordered breathing and medical sleep disorders.