Grow Your Practice — Become Sleep-Informed, Confident And Effective In Helping Your Insomnia-Weary Clients Sleep, Feel And Function Better.


Level I: Self Study and Written Exam

Step 1: Purchase the 250 page Sleep Counseling Manual & Study Guide including 20 client handouts
Step 2: Read each of the loose leaf bound chapters noting resources and questions in the endnotes
Step 3: Complete the 180 question self study written exam and make note of items for discussion
Step 4:  FREE telephone consultation with Dr. Madden to apply material to your clinical practice

Level II: Availability of Dr. Madden for Sleep Counseling Support & Consultation

Step 1: Call Dr. Madden at 518.225.7707 to schedule a telephone consultation
Step 2: Fee is simply $25 per 15 minutes with a 30 minute minimum
Step 3: Make online payment to confirm your appointment 

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