Training Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of attending a three-hour workshop that has changed the direction of my private practice in a very positive manner.  I immediately signed up for the training and consultation and am thrilled that I did.  The course is very relaxed in the presentation, although the material and references are extremely thorough and informative.  It is a bargain compared with other continuing education programs and the material has been warmly received by my clients.  It has also helped me to sleep better, too!”

“The first thing I noticed upon participating in the training and consultation program was the breadth of fascinating and useful information I was acquiring with each and every teleconference call.  In virtually every teleconference, I have found a new tool to bring to my practice and, given the predominance of sleep issues among my clients and prospective clients, this has put me in demand.  To top it off, I was pleasantly surprised to note that my own sleep patterns have vastly improved.”

“I have found the Center for Sleep Counseling Studies to be a valuable resource for my work with patients.  Whether the patient presents with primary insomnia or a sleep issue is brought up during the course of therapy, I feel equipped with knowledge, skills and handouts to competently treat the problem.  I recommend that all therapists look into this resource whether or not they are especially interested in sleep medicine.  Nearly everyone experiences some insomnia at times, and insomnia can present in our patients as depression and anxiety.  The telestudy groups keep me current and have helped me examine my own sleep concerns.”

“To find help for my own insomnia, I consulted medicine (my PCP), pulmonology, psychiatry (sleep meds),  psychotherapy, chiropractic and sleep medicine (including an overnight sleep study).  What has helped my insomnia by far the most, is the sleep behavioral knowledge and skills I have learned through our monthly telestudy groups along with the resources and guidance provided by the training and certification program.  My sleep is much improved and I am able to effectively manage any acute bouts of insomnia.  My clinical practice is now enhanced by this knowledge and skill since by treating insomnia directly, I am promoting relapse prevention with my clients having co-morbid addiction, anxiety and/or depression.”

“I am so grateful to Dr. Madden for developing the Clinical Sleep Counseling training program.  The written material is comprehensive, user friendly and exceedingly relevant to my work with clients.  The ongoing consultation and collaboration component offers me a chance to connect with other like-minded practitioners on a regular basis.”

“In my practice I have specialized in sleep and insomnia for years, but I had no idea how much I didn’t know until I found Dr. Madden.  The manual alone is worth its weight in gold.  The breadth of information in it is amazing and I refer to it again and again.  Another plus is having access to Dr. Madden through emails and phone consultation.  His level of knowledge and expertise in insomnia and sleep counseling is beyond anything I have experienced.  What a treasure.”